• Maison Ava-Our Story

    Viranica Manchu is the founder and creative director of Maison Ava. Born and educated in New York, she developed a passion for design and luxury at a young age and went on to pursue degrees in jewelry design, gemology and fashion marketing. Following her studies, she moved to her family’s homeland of India to broaden her experience in jewelry design. There she met her future husband, a prominent actor and producer with whom she shares a lifestyle that invites her to attend and host numerous extravagant black-tie events. 

    With a growing family, Viranica began her search for thoughtfully made occasion-wear for her young children. When she couldn’t find the level of craftsmanship she was looking for, she was inspired to create their own party wardrobe. Her designs quickly drew attention and enthusiasm, and propelled Viranica to start Maison Ava.

    Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit and love for fashion, Viranica built a fully operating India-based atelier where Maison Ava’s creations are entirely made from start to finish. She is committed to preserving the country’s unique craftsmanship in weaving and embellishment and blending it with innovative style cuts and designs.

    As a mother of four, she knows the challenges of dressing children in fancy clothing, and so she is placing children at the very center by being mindful of using soft and natural fabrics and strategically setting beading and embroidery. Her vision for Maison Ava is to create a brand that is loved as much by her young clientele than by the grown-ups who outfit them. 

Maison Ava-Our Story

The Poetic Magic of Couture

We are a luxury children’s clothing line that celebrates the poetic magic of couture. Inspired by refined sophistication, we create whimsical and playful pieces that children will cherish and love to wear. 

We are committed to the exquisite craftsmanship of fine couture where every garment is constructed by hand, sewn with extreme detail by expert artisans in our own Maison Ava atelier. Made of the world’s most luxurious fabrics and intricate embroidery, our clothes sparkle and shine. Alongside our collection of couture, we offer bespoke tailoring, a custom experience to dress your family in matching outfits. Tailored to unique specifications and inspiration, we will custom design and produce a truly extraordinary look, a forever keepsake made especially for you. At Maison Ava, we outfit life’s most precious occasions. 

Maison Ava-Our Story

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Welcome to our world of exquisite craftsmanship where we are committed to the savoir-faire of fine couture. Our atelier’s expert designers and embroiders, trained with the world’s most prestigious couture houses, create every garment by hand using traditional techniques. Hundreds of hours of handwork go into the making of a single garment elevating each piece with extraordinary attention and detail. 

We work with the world’s most luxurious fabrics and intricate embellishments to create airy and youthful silhouettes of cascading ruffles, jeweled frothy tulle and richly embroidered tailoring. We are thoughtful in how we construct our pieces. Our beading is artfully placed, and the shapes of each garment are strategically designed so children can move with ease in clothes they will love to wear. At Maison Ava, we outfit life’s most precious occasions.